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When you lose yourself in a movie, in a good book, or drive on autopilot to work – you are likely in hypnosis. Hypnosis assists in focused awareness by temporarily pushing aside our “thinking” conscious mind to pave the way for our unconscious mind. Science suggests that our unconscious mind controls 90-96% of our behaviours.

Hypnosis is an effective tool that enables us to be in a state of heightened suggestibility to make profound positive changes. Andrew uses hypnosis to support you in letting go of old behaviours that no longer serve you and then instils pathways in your unconscious that empower you to achieve your desired outcomes.


What prevents us from achieving what we want out of life is usually not for the lack of desire, but from past limiting beliefs that keep us in a place of fear and indecision. Andrew coaches you in a variety of ways to shift your limiting beliefs into empowering actions by tapping into the resources and strengths that already exist within you.

He uses neuro-linguistic programming and other coaching techniques to clear the emotions and beliefs that prevent you from being a success, and works with you to develop an action plan for achieving your highest potential.


Andrew Low

Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

Andrew Low is a certified hypnotherapist and life coach. He is passionate about helping others live more wholesome and healthier lives, find balance and realise their greatest potential. Andrew has over 15 years of experience in education and training, leadership, mentoring and coaching. Clients see Andrew to align their physical, head and heart spaces so they can focus on their life goals and pursue their passions. He is a reputable public speaker, a proficient workshop facilitator and is currently pursuing his passion for singing classical and contemporary music.

Packages and Sessions


Most Popular Package

Personalised program of 8 sessions tailored to your needs. I work with you to discover, set and achieve goals that are congruent with your passions. You gain practical tools that empower you to achieve immediate results towards your goal. As an added bonus, I work with your unconscious mind to clear emotions, beliefs and confusions that might be holding you back. You get the tools that anchor confidence and motivation to achieve results right now.

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Getting Off On The Right Foot

Personalised program of 4 sessions tailored to your needs. I work with you to discover, set and achieve goals that are congruent with your passions. You gain practical tools that empower you to take the first steps towards achieving your goal.

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Harness Your Unconscious Mind

Use hypnosis to activate the neural pathways that activate resourceful habits and behaviours. These include becoming a non-smoker, managing stress and anxiety, becoming a confident public speaker and increasing motivation to act right now.

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Taking Steps

Casual life coaching or hypnosis session for those wanting to try things out first or those wishing to work on an as-needed basis.

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How do I know if this is for me?

Find out if this is for you by taking the first step.
To help you, you get a free initial 30 minute consultation to work out the right package for you.
So you can be sure, you can take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy after your first full session.

Coaching sessions are face-to-face or online via Skype/Facetime.

Andrew Low was amazing with the hynotherapy session he conducted with me. There is something special about hypnosis as it creates something with your unconscious mind that is so powerful. The positive impact it has on my daily life cannot be explained – you just need to experience it. The experience that Andrew facilitated was one of peace, calm and the realisation of so much potential. Andrew is professional and completely dedicated to his craft as a hypnotherapist. I can completely vouch for the positive results I received.

Franklin A.

The first time I had a conversation with Andrew, I’d already felt a sense of openness. I can easily open up and talk about my thoughts and ideas without feeling judged. However, he still manages to challenge me to act and work on both my professional and personal issues. He listens to me very carefully, asks questions that are probing and purposeful. As he is very approachable and genuine, I felt comfortable sharing and continue to feel empowered to become a better person.

Mark G.

Andrew's philosophy and approach strongly empowers you as the individual to make the positive changes you want in your life. Seeking out and identifying those issues holding you back is key to this positive change and Andrew not only creates a safe environment for this to happen, but also works to embed strategies to deal with those issues in a positive way. You're not alone on your journey as Andrew will be there for you every step of the way. I've already made great progress over the last few months and am looking forward to a bright positive future.

Kerri V.

Andrew’s commitment was truly to be admired. While I was being coached by Andrew his curiosity gave me some great results, he dug deep to obtain the real answers. His leadership, was a true example of what it takes to be a great coach.

I have been coaching with Andrew for the past four months. Originally a bit of a sceptic as to what coaching could give me, Andrew was patient and considerate bringing out some of my more vulnerable feelings. My growth has been exponential through his coaching. My romance and personal life have flourished and I feel more whole hearted as I set my life goals. I would recommend Andrew as a coach for all areas of your life. It will be a wonderful experience.

Joyce U.

Going into the anchoring session, I must admit I wasn’t sure of what to expect. Andrew was very open and made the process a lot more easier than i thought it would be. Andrew is very professional and does his absolute best to ensure a client’s positive results. He is dedicated as a coach to ensure optimal results. I would definitely recommend Andrew to anyone wanting to live a wholesome and healthier life. Thank you Andrew for being an amazing coach.

Rob P.

My name is Rob and I had this problem about the need to being happily single or having a relationship. I have been grappling with this problem for many years and it was a real conflict for me. Andrew was able to help me clarify the issues and why it was a problem for me and then help me become happy with where I am. I am now just letting things pan out and not feeling anxious about the result. I can be happily single and happy in a relationship if that happens. I have no hesitation recommending Andrew.


    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



    0413 885 339


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